Monday, October 25, 2010

Visiting Destin Beachfront Condo blog for the First Time?

If this is your first time visiting my Destin Beachfront condo blog, then let me welcome you and tell you how to get around here!

If you will notice over on the left side there is a calendar. That is my availability calendar and I keep that pretty much up to date.

Down below the calendar you will see the word "Labels". These are posts written here and the label describes what is in the post. For instance, you can see several posts that include videos I shot at the resort under label "Destin Pelican Beach Resort videos". I believe there are 7 videos available for your viewing.

Another label you will see is Fishing in Destin. There is one post there that I did about fishing in Destin. I plan to add another post under this label after I get back from fishing in Destin this coming weekend.

The first label you come to is 1(pictures of unit #1004). There are three different posts with pictures of either my unit or of the resort itself.

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