Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Destin's Pelican Beach Resort Has Record Year

As many of you know the Destin Pelican Beach Resort has had a record year so far this year and that includes my two beach front condo units.

I would like to personally thank all my previous renters this year and look forward to being your Destin beachfront condo rentals destination in the years to come.

The hurricane missed Destin earlier in the month and hopefully will continue to do so in last month of hurricane season.
Please contact me at 731-589-7841 if I can help you book your Destin beachfront vacation.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Comments From Current Renter Pelican Beach Resort 714

I checked on my new arrival yesterday in my Pelican Beach Resort #714 and want to share her comments with you here. I sent her a text asking how she liked my condo and the resort(first timers).

Here is her response, "Are you kidding? We want to move in your place. And our son may be a permanent fixture in your unit. If I were you, I couldn't rent it out..I was chasing my son around with a wet paper towel when we were eating a cheeto! Thank you so much for letting us stay here! "

This guest found me a week ago on the facebook group Destin Florida Vacation Rentals and I gave her a super deal. Lets hope the weather continues to be perfect before she catches her flight home.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great Deals At Destin's Pelican Beach Resort

Here are some great deals at Destin's Pelican Beach Resort!

If you only need a one bedroom that sleeps 6 and is directly on the beach here are a couple of big discount deals and dates:
1. Any 7 nights between August 19 and August 31 just $1259.00 total everything. That is 35% off.
2. Any 4 nights in that same time period just $860.00 total everything.

If you need my 2 bedroom (still beachfront but on a slant) that also sleeps 6 here are a couple of fantastic deals and dates:

1. Any 7 nights between August 13 and August 29 just $1459.00 total everything. that is also 35% off regular rate.
2. Any 4 nights in that same time period just $965.00 total everything. All of these total rates are 35 % off. 

My direct phone number to book is 731-589-7841.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Available Dates In Destin Pelican Beach Resort 1 And 2 Bedroom Condos

Looking at my calendars here are my available dates in my Destin Pelican Beach Resort condos for August and September.

1004 is open August 10-end of month. It is also open September 1-6 and 10-13 and 17-29.

714 is available August 14-29. It is also open September 4-13 and 18-28.

Call or text me at 731-589-7841 and I will give you a great rate.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Alternative To VRBO

I appreciate all my renters coming to me without the help of the customer gouging VRBO. Did you know now there is a alternative for you to use if you see your dates filled up on my calendars. is a free site to find and book vacation rentals and I am advertising them here to help people get away from VRBO.

Friday, June 23, 2017

July 2017 Almost Fully Booked In Top 2 Beachfront Destin Pelican Beach Resort Condos

Looks like my two (top 2 beachfront rentals) units are almost fully booked at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin for the month of July.

The only remaining dates are three days in July for unit #1004. That would be a check in on July 18th(Tuesday) and a check out on the 21st(Friday). Thats all I have available unless there is a cancellation. Thank you for allowing me to book your next vacation on the beach in Destin,Florida.

Update: 06/27/17 These dates are now taken.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pelican Beach Resort In Destin In Full Swing

The Pelican Beach Resort in Destin is in full swing. The resort and the beach is packed. I was afraid since my calendars were slow to fill up that it was going to be a bust summer. However, I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that vacationers this year are waiting until last minute to book their vacation and that case is proven with my calendars.

However, since many are waiting until last minute, they are booking mainly through the big boys who have big fees attached to the bookings. I mentioned in an earlier post to cut out the middleman and save some real money.

Don't forget my 3 night special deal in July for my unit 1004. To contact me for more information or to book your Destin Pelican Beach Resort vacation call or text 731-589-7841.

Friday, June 16, 2017

3 Day Escape To Destin

Are you looking to book a quick 3 day escape to Destin at the Pelican Beach Resort? If so what about 40% off the published rate for check in July 18 and check out July 21? This will be a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with check out Friday morning.

The regular price would be a total $1283 but if you are a repeat guest then you could call the front desk and get a price of $963 which is 30% off.

Call me at 731-589-7841 and book for a total of $849 which is 40% off. This is for my unit #1004 and you can see a video and pictures over on the left side of the screen.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Special Last Minute Deal Destin Pelican Beach Resort

Are you looking for a special last minute deal at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort? Looking at the calendar over on the left side tomorrow June 8 is open for 3 nights in my 2 bedroom beachfront Destin condo. The regular price for those 3 nights is $1489.62.

You can book only these 3 nights for half price($744.81). That is the total everything except if you rent beach chairs. This total price is only for these three nights.

My direct cell number is 731-589-7841.

Update: someone got a fantastic deal, thank you! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Direct With Owner-No Middle Man-Pelican Beach Resort In Destin

Why not book directly with an owner at the Pelican Beach resort in Destin? Do you really need a middle man to make your rental fee go up? Are you frustrated with these middlemen charging you extra fees to make your Destin vacation booking? Take back control and tell vrbo, home away, expedia, trip advisor, and so many others that you don't need them any more.

Contact an owner like myself and let us find you some open dates for your vacation. I am in a facebook group just for Pelican Beach Resort owners so if I don't have your dates available I will ask the other owners and help you get booked.You can see my availability calendars over on the left side along with pictures and videos.

Book direct with a Destin Pelican Beach Resort owner and save

Surely A Record Crowd Memorial Day Weekend Destin Pelican Beach Resort

My family and I just returned off vacation and surely there was a record breaking crowd this past memorial day weekend at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort! Honestly I have never seen the parking lots and garage so packed and especially never seen the beach so packed.

I suspect this is the beginning of a record breaking summer at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin. Here are several pictures I took which includes beach pictures, activities offered for the kids and pictures of the recent remodel of the north lobby(new artwork).

If you are waiting till last minute to book your Destin Beachfront condo vacation, you might get disappointed. Call me today at 731-589-7841.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Discounted Rate In May Destin Pelican Beach Resort

Are you looking for a discounted rate in May at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort? If so as of today my 2 bedroom unit #714 is open until May 18th. I will book you in it at the one bedroom rate and only during these dates(May1-18).

If you still desire the one bedroom condo it is open for 5 nights beginning May 13th. We can do a discount of 30% off the published rate.

Just call or text me direct at 731-589-7841 and I will get you set for a fantastic Destin beachfront condo rental at Pelican Beach.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Destin Pelican Beach Resort Bookings

The Destin Pelican Beach Resort bookings are heating up! What amazes me however is almost everyone is trying to book a one bedroom instead of a 2 bedroom. I just had a guy today wanting some dates in early May but my one bedroom Pelican Beach unit is already booked for his dates.

If you will call or text me directly I will give you a great deal and more than likely on my 2 bedroom condo. My # is 731-589-7841.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Discount Deals At The Pelican Beach Resort In Destin

If you are looking for discount deals at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin look no further. If you will notice over on the availability calendars there are lots of open dates. The reason for that is simple. I refuse to participate with VRBO charging customers double fees.

Although I am no longer on VRBO I still expect to book both my units for most of the available time slots. I still advertise other places that do not abuse the vacationer and I still have tons of repeat customers.

One think I have noticed over the years at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort, many people prefer to book the one bedroom units because they save a couple of hundred dollars over a week's booking. If you see your dates are not available for my one bedroom #1004 check the 2 bedroom calendar #714 for availability. If it is open I will give you a great deal just to show you what you are missing not booking the 2 bedroom units.

Too all my valued repeat customers, I appreciate you returning to me each year and I promise to maintain the high level of amenities in my Destin Pelican Beach condos. If you found this post online and want to contact me please call or text me at 731-589-7841 and we will get you set up for a great vacation.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome To The Destin Pelican Beach Resort #714

Welcome to the Destin Pelican Beacb Resort #714. This top picture is what greeted me when I walked into the master bedroom last week during my spring break trip.

Needless to say everything was perfect. The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect and the crowd on the beach was perfect. I love the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin!

This scene greeted me the next morning about sunrise. If you are considering a trip to Destin, call me and book this view or the view directly facing the water,. My cell number is 731-589-7841.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Pay Extra Money To Middleman To Stay At Pelican Beach Resort

Why pay extra money to a middleman to stay at the Pelican Beach Resort? I advertise my Pelican units several places so you can find me. However, companies such as VRBO are now not only charging me to advertise but also charging you to collect their money for me.

I had a lady contact me through VRBO the other day and she loved my price but was scared that if VRBO did not collect the money then she would be in danger of losing her money. Here is my response to her, " Mam, when I book a condo at the resort I take all your information except the credit card info. I call the resort and make the booking and get you a confirmation number and front desk number to call to confirm your reservation and also give them your credit card information to complete the booking. If you have questions about this management company pull up their website at They have been in business since 1997".

The way these middlemen try to justify the extra fees to the public is by using the scare tactic. They make you think if they don't collect and hold the money then you may lose it. Wake up people and realize this is just a way for them to make extra money and you pay extra money.

Call me (Mike Frazier)  directly at 904-580-GULF(4853).

Friday, February 10, 2017

Spring Break Special Pelican Beach Resort Destin

Are you looking for a spring break special in Destin? How about at the Pelican Beach Resort?

I own 2 condos on the beach and the 2 bedroom unit has March 15th - March 20th open. If you call the front desk at 888-735-4226 and book 5 of these nights your total will be at least $1280. If you call me direct at 904-580-4853 you total will only be $1100. And if you want that 6th night I will throw it in for $150 more. Call any resort on the beach in Destin and price 5 or 6 nights during this time.

I am very sorry but I only have one of these deals and first come first serve!

This is the view off my balcony. This is beachfront!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Destin Pelican Beach Resort New Beach Service

There is a new Destin Pelican Beach Resort beach service called La Dolce Vita effective March 1, 2017.

Here are the rates and most of what they offer:

2 chairs and 1 umbrella $30 day, $25 1/2 day and $150 week

5 chairs and 14' giant umbrella $100 day and $500 week

Paddle boards/Kayaks $35 hr $75 1/2 day $100 full day

Destin's Pelican Beach Resort Has A Surprise Coming!

Destin's Pelican Beach Resort has a surprise coming and I have a hard time keeping a secret. Just behind the Pelican building which is next to the beach is a sun deck. The owners association is excited about installing a "lazy river" where the sun deck currently is.

I do not know the time table but I know the Pelican Beach owners are really motivated for construction to begin.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pelican Beach Resort And Destin Has Lots To Offer

Not only does the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin have many many amenities for the entire family but there is also tons of things to do in Destin for the entire family.

Here is a resource guide to what is available to do in Destin. Personally I could spend all my time on the beach catching rays but I do also enjoy some of the other activities in Destin.

There are amusement parks such as the Big Kahuna water park, scuba diving, snorkeling, dinner and sunset cruises, pontoon and wave runner rentals, fishing(both deep sea and bay fishing), museums, excellent restaurants(my kids favorite is Fudpuckers(they have live alligators that you can feed), and great shopping at the Silver Sands Factory Outlet and the Destin Commons(my favorite).

I would be remiss it I failed to mention the Gulfarium down the road in Ft. Walton. My family always goes there every year.

Destin and the Pelican Beach Resort has so much to offer each member of your family. Call 904-580-4853 to book your next Destin vacation getaway.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Vacation Requests For The Destin Pelican Beach Resort Is Heating Up

The vacation requests I am receiving for the Destin Pelican Beach Resort is heating up. There are beginning to be lots of inquiries for my two Pelican Beach Resort beachfront condos although my snowbirds have only been there less than  a month and vacation season is still months away.

Since I advertise my condos in several places, many people are contacting me about reservations. One of the places I advertise is I also advertise on

Here is the rate sheet with complete pricing if you run across this post and wonder about what your total cost would be to book some of the most sought after condos at the Pelican Beach.

Please don't wait to book your vacation because I believe 2017 will be a record year for the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin and you might not book in time to stay there. Please check my availability calendars over on the left side and contact me direct at 904-580-4853.

Thanks for a great 2016 and looking forward to a even better 2017.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More Good News For Destin And The Pelican Beach Resort

Here is some good news for Destin and the Pelican Beach Resort. Allegiant Airlines  just announced 11 new non stop flights to the Destin/Fort Walton Beach airport(VPS). Some of the new cities in the routes include Kansas City, Peoria, Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis and a few others. You can read about the new flights to and from Destin here

Friday, January 6, 2017

Destin Pelican Beach Resort Mild With Snowbirds-West Tennessee Snow With Cold

While the Destin Pelican Beach Resort enjoys mild temperatures and lots of snowbirds, we here in west Tennessee are digging out of the snow and it is very cold.

Keith at the front desk told me they had over 100 snowbirds come to the snowbird orientation yesterday with possible more snowbirds arriving soon. Many other resorts in Destin also host snowbirds so if you are looking to getaway from the cold get down to Destin.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pelican Beach Resort In Destin Updating Lobby

The Pelican Beach Resort in Destin is currently updating the lobby in the Pelican building(building on the beach). We are also installing a computer work station for guests in the lobby. There are many other updates on the schedule for 2017.

Last year (2016) was a record year at the Pelican but this year promises to be even better. Our recommendation is that you book your Destin beachfront vacation early. Contact reservations at 904-580-4853.