Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Discounted Rate In May Destin Pelican Beach Resort

Are you looking for a discounted rate in May at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort? If so as of today my 2 bedroom unit #714 is open until May 18th. I will book you in it at the one bedroom rate and only during these dates(May1-18).

If you still desire the one bedroom condo it is open for 5 nights beginning May 13th. We can do a discount of 30% off the published rate.

Just call or text me direct at 731-589-7841 and I will get you set for a fantastic Destin beachfront condo rental at Pelican Beach.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Destin Pelican Beach Resort Bookings

The Destin Pelican Beach Resort bookings are heating up! What amazes me however is almost everyone is trying to book a one bedroom instead of a 2 bedroom. I just had a guy today wanting some dates in early May but my one bedroom Pelican Beach unit is already booked for his dates.

If you will call or text me directly I will give you a great deal and more than likely on my 2 bedroom condo. My # is 731-589-7841.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Discount Deals At The Pelican Beach Resort In Destin

If you are looking for discount deals at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin look no further. If you will notice over on the availability calendars there are lots of open dates. The reason for that is simple. I refuse to participate with VRBO charging customers double fees.

Although I am no longer on VRBO I still expect to book both my units for most of the available time slots. I still advertise other places that do not abuse the vacationer and I still have tons of repeat customers.

One think I have noticed over the years at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort, many people prefer to book the one bedroom units because they save a couple of hundred dollars over a week's booking. If you see your dates are not available for my one bedroom #1004 check the 2 bedroom calendar #714 for availability. If it is open I will give you a great deal just to show you what you are missing not booking the 2 bedroom units.

Too all my valued repeat customers, I appreciate you returning to me each year and I promise to maintain the high level of amenities in my Destin Pelican Beach condos. If you found this post online and want to contact me please call or text me at 731-589-7841 and we will get you set up for a great vacation.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome To The Destin Pelican Beach Resort #714

Welcome to the Destin Pelican Beacb Resort #714. This top picture is what greeted me when I walked into the master bedroom last week during my spring break trip.

Needless to say everything was perfect. The weather was perfect, the beach was perfect and the crowd on the beach was perfect. I love the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin!

This scene greeted me the next morning about sunrise. If you are considering a trip to Destin, call me and book this view or the view directly facing the water,. My cell number is 731-589-7841.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Pay Extra Money To Middleman To Stay At Pelican Beach Resort

Why pay extra money to a middleman to stay at the Pelican Beach Resort? I advertise my Pelican units several places so you can find me. However, companies such as VRBO are now not only charging me to advertise but also charging you to collect their money for me.

I had a lady contact me through VRBO the other day and she loved my price but was scared that if VRBO did not collect the money then she would be in danger of losing her money. Here is my response to her, " Mam, when I book a condo at the resort I take all your information except the credit card info. I call the resort and make the booking and get you a confirmation number and front desk number to call to confirm your reservation and also give them your credit card information to complete the booking. If you have questions about this management company pull up their website at www.pelican-beach.com. They have been in business since 1997".

The way these middlemen try to justify the extra fees to the public is by using the scare tactic. They make you think if they don't collect and hold the money then you may lose it. Wake up people and realize this is just a way for them to make extra money and you pay extra money.

Call me (Mike Frazier)  directly at 904-580-GULF(4853).

Friday, February 10, 2017

Spring Break Special Pelican Beach Resort Destin

Are you looking for a spring break special in Destin? How about at the Pelican Beach Resort?

I own 2 condos on the beach and the 2 bedroom unit has March 15th - March 20th open. If you call the front desk at 888-735-4226 and book 5 of these nights your total will be at least $1280. If you call me direct at 904-580-4853 you total will only be $1100. And if you want that 6th night I will throw it in for $150 more. Call any resort on the beach in Destin and price 5 or 6 nights during this time.

I am very sorry but I only have one of these deals and first come first serve!

This is the view off my balcony. This is beachfront!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Destin Pelican Beach Resort New Beach Service

There is a new Destin Pelican Beach Resort beach service called La Dolce Vita effective March 1, 2017.

Here are the rates and most of what they offer:

2 chairs and 1 umbrella $30 day, $25 1/2 day and $150 week

5 chairs and 14' giant umbrella $100 day and $500 week

Paddle boards/Kayaks $35 hr $75 1/2 day $100 full day