Monday, February 19, 2018

House Rules At The Resorts of Pelican Beach

I just received these house rules applicable at The Resorts of Pelican Beach. These rules along with the non smoking rules and beach rules were developed by the home owners association over a long period of time with the intent to maintain a family friendly beachfront resort.

We are happy to have you as our guests! Below are our “House Rules” which we ask that you respect. Please take a minute to read them; ask us questions about any you don’t understand.
For Your Safety and Enjoyment and the Safety and Enjoyment of Your Fellow Guests, We Ask You to:
Non registered visitors will not be permitted access to the property at any time during spring break
• Refrain from throwing any items over the balcony railings
• Refrain from leaving your underage children unsupervised in the units or in the common areas of the property.
• Sleep in the same unit as your children to ensure they are properly supervised during your entire stay.
• Remember that only registered guests (no more than 6 in a 1 or 2 bedroom unit or 8 in a three bedroom unit) are permitted to stay in the rental units. One parent/guardian for every 3 children!
• Refrain from allowing children under the age of 15 years to use the fitness equipment; ages 15 – 18 may use facilities if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• Use the trash chutes anytime, except between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Bagged trash only.
• Do not take luggage carts into the units. Return carts to lobby when finished
• Do not hang towels and clothing on the balcony railings.
• Never under any circumstances feed birds from your balconies!
• Remember that excessive noise after 10:00 PM can result in your eviction and loss of deposits.
• Remember that the legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages in Florida is 21 years.
• Remember that adults who supply alcohol to minors can be arrested (fined and/or jailed) and evicted from the premises.
• Remember to display your parking pass on the dashboard at all times – only 2 vehicles per unit.
• Remember that your rental unit is someone else’s second home! You are responsible for any damage done while you rent the unit. Take care of it as you would your own home!
• A charge of $25 will be assessed for lost wristbands.
No Smoking in the building, balconies or walkways.
Smoking in these areas will result in eviction and $250.00 fine. Please sign your name below which indicates that you have read our house rules and have agreed to abide by them; then promise to have a safe and happy vacation!

________________________                           _________                   _________
Signature of registered guest                               Date                            Unit #

Current Pelican Beach Resort "Beach" Rules

Current Pelican Beach Resort Beach Rules

These rules will be enforced.
• Beach Rules have not changed from last year.
• The rules will be enforced this year with regard to the first 3 rows along the water line.
• The first 3 rows will be reserved for the beach service and NO private chairs, umbrellas and cooler setups will be allowed in front of the Beach Service set ups.
• Please inform your guest before they arrive what our rules are so they are not surprised when they get there. If your guest isn't aware of the Beach Rules, that alone will cause confusion, problems and your guest being disgruntled.
• **Parents can temporarily place chairs in front of Beach Service to watch their small children.

Just wanted all my guests to be aware of the beach rules behind the Pelican Beach Resort.

New Pelican Beach Resort No Smoking Rules

(a) All use of any tobacco product involving smoking, burning, or combustion of tobacco is strictly prohibited on any of the limited common element patios and balconies, and on all of the common elements of the condominium lying within the footprint of the condominium building, including all walkways in front of units, the elevator foyers, all lobbies, all elevators, the indoor pool, all gym facilities, all public restrooms and all conference rooms. Smoking will continue to be allowed in all common areas outside of the building footprint including, but not limited to, outdoor pool areas, the cafe patio, pool decks, sun decks, outdoor grill and lawn areas, roadways, parking areas, beach crossovers, the beach, and the Tiki bar area. Smoking of non- tobacco products which are harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of the unit owners is also strictly prohibited in the above designated areas. This prohibition also extends to the use of electronic cigarettes, including “vaping” or the inhaling of vapors, including tobacco-free vapors, from a personal vaporizer device. The prohibition on smoking, against the use of any lighted or burning tobacco or non-tobacco product, and against “vaping,” extends to all unit owners as well as their occupants, family, guests, invitees, lessees and all others who are present on any portion of the common elements or limited common element balconies of Pelican Beach Resort Condominium. This rule does not prohibit an owner from allowing or disallowing smoking within the owner’s personal unit. (b) Unit owners are responsible for communicating the No-Smoking Rule to their occupants, families, guests, invitees, and lessees, and are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the No-Smoking Rule. (c) Smoking refers to any use or possession of a cigar, cigarette, or pipe containing tobacco, a tobacco product, or a non-tobacco products that is noxious, offensive, unsafe, unhealthy, or irritating to other persons, while that tobacco or product is burning, lighted, or ignited regardless of whether the person using or possessing the product is inhaling or exhaling the smoke from such product. Smoking also refers to the use of electronic cigarettes, including “vaping” or the inhaling of vapors, including tobacco-free vapors, from a personal vaporizer device. The term tobacco includes, but is not limited to, any form, compound, or synthesis of the plant of the genus Nicotiana or the species N. tabacum which is cultivated for its leaves to be used in cigarettes, cigars, or pipe.
• No Smoking in the building, balconies or walkways. Smoking in these areas will result in eviction and $250.00 fine.
**Your guest will need to call the front desk if they see someone smoking on the balconies. They will be notified of the policy. If it continues it could result in eviction and $250.00 fine.