Monday, April 30, 2012

Renter Review-Pelican Beach Resort Destin

I just had a guest check-out who sent me this little note(renter review): Mike: Wanted to let you know how much we LOVED your unit at Pelican. It is beautiful and the view was amazing. Saw dolphins every morning! Would you know where you purchased your memory foam pad for the master bedroom? I have a daughter going to college and this would be perfect to furnish her room with. Thanks! Cathy, that memory foam 4" pad came from Sams. We sleep so well on it when we are there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Minute Deal Pelican Beach Resort Destin

Are you looking for a last minute deal at the Pelican Beach Resort Destin? If so this just might get your attention. I had planned a working vacation to Destin this weekend but just cancelled it. Therefore beginning this Thursday(26th of April) the condo is open for 7 days and nights. If you want all 7 nights, just pay the regular price for 5 nights and get 2 free. Please contact me for a special price if you want to stay for less than the 7 days. My direct phone number is 731-589-7841.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Early May Special Deal Pelican Beach Resort Destin

Here is an early May special deal at the Pelican Beach Resort Destin. The dates are check-in May 6th(Sunday) and check out Saturday May 12th(6 nights). The regular rates with all taxes and fees would be $1076.70. If you book this condo for these dates through the Pelican management company they will give you an early booking discount of 25% for a total of $835.28. The deal I am offering is for over a 28% discount and total with all fees and taxes will be $799.00. Once this deal or these dates are gone then it is gone. I normally do not do Pelican Beach Resort Destin special deals but in this case I am.

Destin Beachfront Condo Rental Working Vacation

This weekend I am traveling to my Destin beachfront condo rental to tile the bedroom. The entire condo is already tiled with the exception of the bedroom. I anticipate this taking me a couple of days then I might slip in some beach time as well. This will complete the entire remodel of #1004 at the Pelican Beach Resort Destin. Thank-you to everyone who has made this condo the #1 requested condo rental at the Pelican Beach Resort.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beachfront Rentals In Destin Fl

Beachfront rentals in Destin Fl is one of the top search terms for people who find this website. I was quite surprised that many were finding me using this but also pleased.

I am also surprised that this site did not rank higher for the search term beachfront condo rentals in Destin Fl. I am constantly looking for key search terms to use on this site in order that more people will find this website and book their next Florida vacation with us.

Thanks to all who follow this blog site and to all that book this Destin beachfront condo over and over again.