Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Minute Deal-Destin, Florida Beachfront Condo Rental (August-last part of summer vacation)

Are you looking for a last minute deal on a Florida beachfront condo rental during August 2012?

Just check the calendar over on the left side for availability.

Contact Mike at 731-589-7841.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surgery Nurse From Louisiana Checking In Today

Paula, I know you are going to enjoy your 7 night stay starting today. My wife and I have been remodeling our unit. You should love the new kitchen cabinet doors we just installed. How about the new bath vanity? I have that missing small glass globe for the new kitchen ceiling light that we just installed(globe broken in the box) and will install it next month.

When your sister and her husband come, make sure to break out the extra foam pad we have stuck in the closet. That is for the sleeper couch and will make it very comfortable.

If you get a chance, please comment on this post and tell my readers about the Destin Pelican Beach Resort, my unit #1004 and the beauty outside(especially while sitting on the balcony drinking a cup of coffee). I bet you forget all about surgery!

P.S. Thank-you for referring all your friends you work with at the hospital.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Current Pelican Beach Resort Discounts

Here are the current discounts being offered at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort.

10% off daily rates on two-night stays;
15% off daily rates on a three or four-night stay;
20% off daily rates on a five or six-night stay; or
15% off weekly rates!

Valid from September 7, 2010 to October 31, 2010

If you can find availability on my owner calendar over on the left, I will match these discounts and offer you an additional discount of 5% off these Pelican published discounts.

Here is a link to see the daily rates for which discounts come off of.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another project from my labor day weekend

My family and I took a quick trip to Destin over the labor day holiday weekend. While my family was playing, I was working on projects in the condo. A few posts back I wrote about one of those projects and have a picture of the new kitchen cabinet doors I installed.

The other project I completed was a new vanity in the hallway bath. Here is that picture!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Labor Day Weekend Vacation Video

While in Florida labor day weekend 2010, I shot this short Destin Pelican Beach Resort video after most of the people had left the beach. During that Saturday early afternoon, there was almost no place to sit on the beach behind the Pelican.

Pictures of Destin Pelican Beach Resort

Did you know that the Pelican Beach Resort just got a "paint job"? At last years owners meeting they asked us about the colors they had picked out for the new colors of the Pelican.

I wasn't too sure about their selection but now since they have finished, I am quite pleased.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pelican Beach Resort at Night

Have you ever been driving down Hwy 98 in Destin at night and wondered which high rise was the Resorts of Pelican Beach?

While I was there last week I shot this picture.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Labor Day Weekend Vacation

My family and I arrived in Destin,Florida right before midnight on Thursday night. Of course we stayed in our condo at the Pelican Beach Resort.

Although my daughters each got to take a friend, it was also a working vacation for me.
My wife and I got quite a few tasks completed including:
1. Install 4 new glass and wood kitchen cabinet doors
2. Install a roman shade in bedroom after taking down the curtains
3. Remove and install kitchen ceiling light(old one down but new one not yet up in picture)
4. Remove pedestal sink(hallway bath) and install new vanity and new cabinet on wall

We also found time to swim and lay out on the beach.I guess my favorite activity was swimming and picking up shells at Navarre. I wrote a post about that.

When we checked out yesterday morning(labor day) the girls at the front desk told me the resort was 95% full and all Destin Pelican Beach Resort one bedroom units like mine were totally booked.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Favorite Outing While Vacationing in Destin

My family and I have been vacationing in Destin for the last 10 years and staying at the Pelican Beach Resort.

I want to share our family secret with you concerning where you can go and find valuable "loot". Actually these valuables are shells of every shape and size.

Every time we collect these shells, we put part of them in our rental condo(glass shell and sand display). The shells keep disappearing out of this display but I guess it is because our guests do not know our secret.

Here is what your family needs to do to find all the shells you want.

1. Load your car with masks and snorkels and kids with swimming suits already on.
2. Upon leaving the Resorts of Pelican Beach, turn left and drive to Navarre.(about 25 minutes).
3. Upon entering Navarre, turn left and go across the causeway bridge into Navarre Beach.
4. Upon reaching the new Navarre beach pier, turn right and head toward Pensacola on the highway.
5. Go a mile or so until you reach the end of all the high rises and beach homes.
6. We park near the red brick 2 story beach home on the left side(never completed construction)
7. Walk about 800 yds to the beach and then begin shell search wearing mask and snorkel in 2 foot to 6 foot of water.
8. Be sure you have several bags to load up all the shells you find.

Pelican Youth Activities Sunday Sept. 5th, 2010

Here are the youth activities scheduled for Sunday afternoon Sept.5th, 2010 at Destin's Pelican Beach Resort. While the youth are engaged with these, Bill Garrett will provide live entertainment for everyone else.

1. 4pm-6pm - Free Face Painting(By the Tiki Hut)
2. 6pm - Hulu Hoop Contest(By the Tiki Hut)
3. 6:30pm - How Low Can You Go...Limbo....(By the Tiki Hut)

Youth Activities Today Sept. 4, 2010

Here are the youth activities at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort for today Sept. 4, 2010.

1.9am-10am Free Face Painting (By the Tiki Hut)
2. 10:30am-11:30am Paint a Beach Tile or Wood Art $5 (Pelican Poolside)
3. 1pm-2pm Tie Dye Tee Shirts $10 (Pelican Poolside)
4.3pm-4pm Beach Towel Volleyball (Pelican Poolside)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Collection of Pelican Beach Resort Videos

I was surfing the internet a few minutes ago and found this neat collection of videos that are labeled with Destin Pelican Beach Resort.
Here is the link to the entire collection.