Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Friend checking Into My Destin Pelican Beach Condo On October 23

A couple of weeks ago I ran into my old friend "Rabbit" at McDonalds and I asked him if he was due for a vacation. He was there with his wife Laura and they both said at the same time, "we want to head down to the coast in next couple of weeks".

I then mentioned a beautiful 1 bedroom Destin beachfront condo to them and Laura wanted to see pictures. I referred her to this website and the next day she called and said sign me up.

I have known Rabbit for a long time and I am excited for them to stay in my Destin beachfront condo for a reduced "great rate".

I will be following their 5 night stay with a little maintenance/fishing trip of my own. My brother in law and I are rebuilding the hallway bunks and plan to include some recessed lights and recessed tv/dvd players for both levels.

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