Thursday, August 5, 2010

Destin,Florida In The Fall

There's no better place to be than Destin Florida in the fall. The weather is delightfully warm, the beaches are like sugary sand, and the water is a sparkling emerald green, There's almost always a nice ocean breeze and that coupled together with the sound of the waves seems to make every concern, struggle,or worry instantly disappear.

What is it about raising that brightly colored umbrella, setting your beach chair in the sand and just sitting and sitting and sitting? Well, I suppose nature is just a little louder than that of our everyday cares. Peace seems to wash ashore with each new wave while the cares seem to wash back out. Picking up every unique and strikingly beautiful seashell means laying down another care. Have you been to the ocean lately? I have the perfect spot reserved just for you. Can't you already feel the ocean breezes and hear the sound of the waves. Come, Come to the place where health and healing begins. The Pelican Beach Resort Destin Unit #1004 is waiting for you.

This is the perfect condo overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Call or text Mike Frazier at 731-589-7841 to inquire about a great Destin Beach Condo rental!

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