Saturday, April 3, 2010

Four More Reasons Destin Pelican Beach Resort a Family Resort

In other posts I have discussed why the Pelican Beach Resort Destin is a "kid friendly" and great family resort.

There are four other reasons I want to mention for bringing your family to Destin to our resort.

1. When you check-in the front desk staff place a plastic(hospital style) wrist band on every child(under 25). They also ask that each vehicle have a Pelican car tag hanging on rear view mirror. If a car is on property without proper identification or a young person on property without property identification then security takes care of the problem. This would also keep non renters off the beach behind the Pelican Beach Resort.

2. During spring break and major holidays during peak season a sheriff's deputy(hired on his or her off duty day) has their squad car parked just outside the lobby area. The uniformed officer is also present. This begins around 5pm until late night.

3. There is a Pelican Beach Resort security officer and small security building at the entrance to the resort.

4. Regular kids programs start up memorial day but during spring break there are special activities planned each week day for the kids. I saw a new posting in all the elevators for activities on Monday April 5,2010 and will post about those activities later.

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