Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Vacations at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin

While in Destin,Florida and staying at the Pelican Beach Resort last week I observed lots of different license plates on cars at the resort and I also talked to several families on the beach and even at church. Here are the states represented there on vacation.

1. Georgia was number one with most coming from Atlanta
2. Tennessee was next and most of them were from middle Tennessee then west Tennessee
3. Alabama was next with Montgomery and Birmingham well represented
4. Louisiana was next
5. Kentucky was next with Louisville well represented
6. Michigan was next
7. Ohio-Cincinnati was well represented
8. Indiana-Indianapolis had several families there
9. Texas-This was the surprise to me. I talked to a family on the beach and they were also staying next door in unit 1005. They were from Houston and it took them 9 hours to drive to Destin. I asked them why they don't go to San Padre Island and they said it was much prettier in Destin(sand and water).

I talked to a family in church there and they were from Humboldt,Tennessee. They told me they were staying in unit #1004 and I told them that was impossible since I owned and was staying in unit 1004(mine is on the rental program but not that week).
I asked him to show me his rental and he took me to the "Terrace" building there at the Pelican Beach Resort. My unit is in the Pelican Building on the water. His unit was a 3 bedroom and very nice but not on the water.I believe this family is going home today.

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