Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Vacation At Pelican Beach Resort Has Almost Record Breaking Volume

Well the summer season is almost over and the Pelican Beach Resort has been experiencing almost record breaking volume.

I had a vacationer in one of my units write a review(through one of my advertising sites) and normally I would post it but not this time. She praised the condo and trashed her stay on the beach. Normally when I have someone asking to book one of my Destin Pelican Beach Resort units during the summer I explain to them that the beach behind the pelican will be super crowded and if possible schedule that family vacation after school starts back.

What my family has decided is we love going in October during fall break. The water is still warm, you don't get sunburned on the beach, the beach is not super crowded and the Destin Fishing rodeo is going on(entire month of October).

To all my past guests I say thank you for your stay and we look forward to your return!