Wednesday, April 28, 2010

50% Discount at Destin Pelican Beach Resort

In an earlier post I discussed the Pelican Beach Resort wrapping up the exterior painting by painting each landing on the front of the building.

Floor 10 is scheduled to be painted on May 1st which is on Saturday. Floor 10 will be completely closed that day. Most people arrive on Saturday so this has potentially knocked me out of a rental next week.

Therefore, if you are willing to arrive on Sunday afternoon May 2nd and stay for 5 nights(booked again beginning May 7th), I will discount the Pelican Beach management published rates by half.

What better way is there to vacation in Destin and stay in a first class condo on the beach at a 50% discount?

This deal should be gone in the next couple of days. Contact me direct to take advantage of this fantastic special!

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