Monday, November 9, 2009

Pelican Beach Resort- 3 different floor plans and their views

At the Destin Pelican Beach Resort there are 3 different floor plans to choose from when renting at the Pelican Beach building(beachfront).

These are:

  1. The 1 bedroom 2 bath "Dolphin" (These units directly face the Gulf)
  2. The 2 bedroom 2 bath "Dolphin"(These units are on the corner and face the gulf and also have angled view of gulf)
  3. The 2 bedroom 2 bath "Pelican"(These units are on the side and have an angled view of the Gulf)

There are 20 floors(skipped 13th floor so really 19)) in this building and the corner units all are stack 1 and then the 1 bedroom "Dolphin" units  begin with the 2nd stack(beside 2 br dolphin) and go through stack 11.

The 2 bedroom (Pelican) begin with stack 12(next to stack 1 (2) br dolphin unit) and go through stack 18.

The rates for all of these Pelican Beach Resort units will vary with the 1 br dolphin being the lowest rental priced unit and then the 2 br Pelican and then the corner 2 br dolphin being the highest price.

To search for availability click this link then scroll down to the bottom left and choose a specific property name(this is where you enter condo # such as 1004). Be sure to give the booking code A1080 when booking the reservation.

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