Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Destin Pelican Beach Resort Owner Not Going To Give In To VRBO

Over the last few weeks I have renter after renter(for my Destin Pelican Beach Resort condos) tell me they refuse to pay the 10% service fee to VRBO to make a booking in a unit signed up for VRBO to collect the payment. I understand their concern completely.

Now VRBO is telling all the owners that upon renewal of owners contract then each and every renter that comes through VRBO will accrue a service fee whether VRBO collects the rental payment or the owner collects the rental payment.

I had a nice long talk with a VRBO representative this morning and she said they have overwhelming support from renters thanking them for charging this extra fee. Her reasoning is that there is added protection for the renter and they feel "safer" with VRBO being in the middle of the booking. I thanked her for her time and will continue to look for alternative ways to advertise my 2 Destin Beachfront Condo Rentals. What I have found that works great for me is I allow the future renter to negotiate the fee with me and then after I talk to the front desk management company I get the renter a confirmation number and let the renter call the front desk with credit card information.

What is really happening is the VRBO/Home Away company just sold to another entity and this is a way to finance their purchase.

I will be posting alternative sites here that I plan to use to advertise my units and unless VRBO changes their plans they will not be included. 

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