Monday, January 14, 2013

Pelican Beach Resort Destin Discount For Early Booking Spring 2013

Book your spring break vacation 2013 now and receive a discount. Actually the management company at the Pelican Beach Resort Destin is offering discounts for early booking for dates between March 9 and April 7th. Here are their discounts and rates:

3 night early booking regular rate is $220 per night for one bedroom but discount rate is $176 per night(20% discount). The total is figured by adding $95 administration fee to that and then multiple that total by 1.11%(11% Florida sales tax).

If you book 4-6 nights the regular rate is also $220 per night but the discount goes up to 25% for a rate of $165 per night. Then figure the total like above.

The weekly rate is normally $1428 but with early booking discount of 15% that rate is only $1378.80. As above add in the $95 and Florida tax.

If your dates are open on my calendar(on left side) then I will beat the Pelican management company by 2% so hurry and grab your dates.

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