Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There is no place like home!

My family and I just drove to Cape Canaveral and took a cruise to the Bahamas. When we returned to land we drove to Destin for only a one night stay. We felt like we were back home.

Our Destin Pelican Beach Resort condo just happened to be open for 3 nights so we stopped there on the way home. We considered extending our stay an extra day or so but those other two days had just been reserved. It is so hard to only stay in "paradise" for one day and night.

We ran into some friends at the resort from Dyersburg. Did you know that the #1 Destin beachfront condo rental for people from Dyersburg is the Pelican Beach Resort?

When we bought our beachfront unit 3 years ago, we walked out on the beach and ran into 35 people in a church group from Dyersburg,Tennessee. Of course my family has been staying at the resort for several years.

We have traveled the world and have never found anyplace as beautiful as Destin and its beaches.

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