Monday, August 1, 2011

Is There Still Oil on Destin's Beaches?

Is there oil still on Destin's beaches? You better believe it! Last time I was there about 6 weeks ago I could not find any suntan oil to purchase anywhere. There is lots of oil on the beaches in Destin but it is all suntan oil.

Actually except for a day or so last year when some mini tarballs washed ashore at Destin, we never even saw any oil from that runaway oil rig. I think the media pretty much scared everyone about that oil and most cancelled their Florida vacations. That just might explain why we are experiencing record bookings at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort for the spring/summmer seasons of 2011.

Call or text me(Mike Frazier) if you want to book in your family florida vacation at the Pelican Beach. I own #1004 but have friends who also own Pelican units.

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