Sunday, February 6, 2011

Booking & Reservation Instructions For Pelican #1004

If you are wanting to book a reservation in my unit #1004 in the Destin Pelican Beach Resort here are the steps.

1. Call, text or e-mail me the dates you are wanting to stay(to make sure thoses dates are available). Since 60% of my bookings come as a result of VRBO, this is the time also to negotiate the total rate with me.

2. Once we determine your exact rate(includes all discounts,fees, and taxes) and you accept that amount then we proceed to step 3.

3. I call the reservation desk at the Pelican Beach and give them the dates you are staying, your name,your total rate, and my booking code A1080.

4. They then give me your confirmation # and instructions for you the renter to complete this reservation by calling them with your charge card #.

5. This is the most important for you to remember: You have only two days to make the above call to give them your charge card number and at this time you can confirm the rate details we negotiated.

6. If after 2 days you have not completed step 5 your reservation disappears.

7. If those dates are still available and you missed your deadline above, contact me and I will call the pelican again and begin the process over.

This unit is pretty popular with vacationers so please try to follow the instructions to keep someone else from getting your dates.

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