Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will Oil Spill Impact Destin Beaches

I am an owner of a condo on the rental program at Destin's Pelican Beach Resort. My one bedroom condo(on the beach) in Destin is pretty much booked for this month and we really have not had many cancellations because of the oil scare.

Please bookmark this site and return here when you are ready to stay in one of Destin's nicest and best priced condos directly on the beach. This post will be updated every 2-3 days.

The weather has been sunny in the lower 80's and people are enjoying the beach. I have been following NOAA's projections for the oil spill slick and continue to be encouraged that it will not really come ashore in Destin area. Here is a map of the gulf coast and as you compare it to the NOAA map down below remember that Destin is just below and 1/4 " to left of the "F" in Freeport.

Here is a NOAA projection of the oil spill flow as of Saturday June 19, 2010. This was updated Friday June 18th.

Here is a NOAA projection for off shore oil slick as of Sunday June 13th at 1200 CDT.

Update: 5/28/10 Here is a oil spill history of movement and projected movement that was composed by Dave Merrill and Anne Carey at USA Today. Their sources used are NASA, U.S. Coast Guard,Transocean, and BP.

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