Monday, February 19, 2018

Current Pelican Beach Resort "Beach" Rules

Current Pelican Beach Resort Beach Rules

These rules will be enforced.
• Beach Rules have not changed from last year.
• The rules will be enforced this year with regard to the first 3 rows along the water line.
• The first 3 rows will be reserved for the beach service and NO private chairs, umbrellas and cooler setups will be allowed in front of the Beach Service set ups.
• Please inform your guest before they arrive what our rules are so they are not surprised when they get there. If your guest isn't aware of the Beach Rules, that alone will cause confusion, problems and your guest being disgruntled.
• **Parents can temporarily place chairs in front of Beach Service to watch their small children.

Just wanted all my guests to be aware of the beach rules behind the Pelican Beach Resort.


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  8. I am reading an ordinance that says it is unlawful for beach vendors to say you cannot sit in front of their chairs. I am also reading that law enforcement will not arrest you because there is a big debate on what's private and what's public because of the use of tax payers money. The way i understand it,is that the first 20 feet is first come first serve and they don't have the legal right to tell you to move. I am still looking into it though. Anyone else have any information on this? Thanks

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