Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Should you Cancel Your Florida Gulf Coast Vacation

I have a friend who is booked at in a condo in Panama City in June and she was told she could lose her deposit if she cancels her Florida vacation within 30 days of the reservation.

I only wish she had booked with me and/or the Destin Pelican Beach Resort as we have a great Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill cancellation policy.

To see my latest updated post about the oil spill please click here.

Gulf of Mexico - Deepwater Horizon Incident Cancellation Policy (5/1/2010)
We are advising all guests of Pelican Beach Management to please wait until closer to your arrival date before cancelling due to the oil spill. If, at that time, it is necessary for you to cancel your reservation because of eminent oil landfall in the Destin area, you will not be charged for a late cancellation. If you are already at Pelican Beach Resort or The Terrace at the time of landfall, you will be refunded any unused portion of your rent if you choose to check-out early.

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