Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pelican Beach Resort In Destin In Full Swing

The Pelican Beach Resort in Destin is in full swing. The resort and the beach is packed. I was afraid since my calendars were slow to fill up that it was going to be a bust summer. However, I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that vacationers this year are waiting until last minute to book their vacation and that case is proven with my calendars.

However, since many are waiting until last minute, they are booking mainly through the big boys who have big fees attached to the bookings. I mentioned in an earlier post to cut out the middleman and save some real money.

Don't forget my 3 night special deal in July for my unit 1004. To contact me for more information or to book your Destin Pelican Beach Resort vacation call or text 731-589-7841.

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