Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Pay Extra Money To Middleman To Stay At Pelican Beach Resort

Why pay extra money to a middleman to stay at the Pelican Beach Resort? I advertise my Pelican units several places so you can find me. However, companies such as VRBO are now not only charging me to advertise but also charging you to collect their money for me.

I had a lady contact me through VRBO the other day and she loved my price but was scared that if VRBO did not collect the money then she would be in danger of losing her money. Here is my response to her, " Mam, when I book a condo at the resort I take all your information except the credit card info. I call the resort and make the booking and get you a confirmation number and front desk number to call to confirm your reservation and also give them your credit card information to complete the booking. If you have questions about this management company pull up their website at They have been in business since 1997".

The way these middlemen try to justify the extra fees to the public is by using the scare tactic. They make you think if they don't collect and hold the money then you may lose it. Wake up people and realize this is just a way for them to make extra money and you pay extra money.

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