Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Seven More Reasons Our Family Loves The Pelican Beach Resort In Destin

My family would like to share with you 7 more reasons we love vacationing at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin.

Actually I am going to give you 7 names of the staff that assist us everytime we check in at the resort. First of all there is Keith who is the front desk/reservations supervisor. Keith will do almost anything at all that we need when we are at the resort. He was prior military(Air Force like me) and very disciplined and not afraid of work. He always has a smile on his face and you can tell he loves his job.

The second reason we love vacationing at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort is DeeDee. She has been there since 1998 and she is in the know. I believe she is a supervisor as well but if the guys or girls on the front desk do not know something DeeDee is the expert.

The third reason we love travelling down to the Pelican Beach Resort is Nikki. She is one of the day shift front desk girls. She knows us by name and you can tell she loves her job.

Rachael, is reason number 4 we love the Resort at Pelican Beach. She is also a front desk girl who like Nikki greats us with a smile and always very helpful. When I call the resort to make a booking I don't even have to tell them who I am. We are almost like family.

The 5th reason we love the resort is Terry and then 6th is Chad. They are both night front desk staff. Sometimes we leave Dyersburg late in the day and arrive around 2-3am. Terry or Henry is there to greet us and we consider both part of our family.

Last but not least is Thomas. He came on board about the time we purchased our first Destin beachfront condo at the Pelican(5 years ago). Thomas was the front desk supervisor but now he is heading up the homeowners association. We also love Thomas and he too is a go to guy.

I could go on and on about others at the resort but these 7 will make you feel at home during your stay at the Pelican Beach Resort in Destin.

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