Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Closest Airports To Destin,Florida

Yesterday I got a call asking what are the two closest airports to Destin Florida? The answer to that question depends on if you are flying in on commercial or flying yourself in. There is actually a small airport almost in the heart of Destin(one mile from my beachfront condo) and its'identifier is DTS. They do not have regular commercial flights in and out. This is where I fly in and rent a car.Here is a link to Destin Jet which is the premiere FBO on the field at Destin. Rental cars are available at all three airports listed here. If you are traveling to Destin by commercial flight, you actually have two choices. The closest is at Ft. Walton and the designator is VPS. This is actually a part of Eglin Air Force Base that is leased by commercial airlines. Here is a link to that airport. This is located just north and between Ft. Walton and Destin and about 20-25 minutes from most of Destin. Another option for you would be the Pensacola International airport. Here is a link to that airport. The drive time from that airport would be just over an hour from Destin. Whatever airport option you chose, make sure to chose the nicest beachfront condo at the nicest family resort on the beach in Destin. My availiblilty calendar is over on the left side. If you do not see available dates contact me anyway because I may have a cancellation. My direct number to call or text is 731-589-7841.


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