Thursday, August 18, 2011

October 7-11 Available Today At The Pelican Beach Resort

As of today October 7-11 is available at the Destin Pelican Beach Resort for your fall break.

The reason I say as of today is because I rent this unit most of the time but I also have the Pelican Management team also trying to rent it.

Much of my rentals come from my VRBO bookings. Many potential Florida VRBO renters inquire as to my availability and price and I quote those rates(sometimes 2-3 times a day for same dates to different people inquiring).

If you see available dates on my calendar and like the quote(text me at 731-589-7841) I give you(always cheaper than the management company can quote you), please don't wait to book with me. Another VRBO potential renter could book those same dates with me or the management company could book the same dates for someone else.

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