Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Year Anniversary Coming Up At Destin's Pelican Beach Resort

In October 2009 the Frazier family purchased our very own Destin Pelican Beach Resort condo. This Destin beachfront condo rental sleeps 6.

On the day we closed on our unit, we walked out on the beach behind the Pelican and ran into 35 people(one of these families was booked in our new unit) from our hometown about 450 miles away. We considered that a "good sign".

Not only has our family enjoyed the condo but we have continued upgrading it so others can enjoy it since it is on the rental program.

There are pictures and videos over on the left that shows the renovations that we have completed and also an availability calendar in case you are wanting to book your Destin Florida beachfront vacation.

Thanks to all my previous guests for booking with us and for helping us take care of this condo. I am sure the Frazier family will be down in Destin sometime during the month of October.

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