Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Break Renter-Destin Pelican Beach Resort

Zack and his family checked in late Thursday night for a 7 day vacation on the beach in Destin. This family is from my hometown of Dyersburg,Tn. I suspect there are several families like Zack's from Dyersburg and from the church they attend(Springhill Baptist church).

I checked in with Zack on Friday and he said his family is having a great time and the condo is just beautiful. I am going to see if he has his computer with him and if he will comment on this blog post about his vacation so far.

If you are looking for a great place to spend your fall break then look no further than the Destin Pelican Beach Resort and unit #1004. My availability calendar is over on the left along with pictures and videos of past vacations.


  1. mike:
    i will be visiting my daughter, currently at eglin afb, and thought a condo on the beach would be theraputic for both of us! looks like nov 5-12 is open, what is the rate for that period for 2 of us?
    trish wright

  2. Trish, Thanks for the call this morning. Sorry I had not seen your comment yet. Yes I do get excited when it comes to my condo, Pelican Beach Resort and Destin. That rate would be $671.00. Call me to book!