Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Favorite Outing While Vacationing in Destin

My family and I have been vacationing in Destin for the last 10 years and staying at the Pelican Beach Resort.

I want to share our family secret with you concerning where you can go and find valuable "loot". Actually these valuables are shells of every shape and size.

Every time we collect these shells, we put part of them in our rental condo(glass shell and sand display). The shells keep disappearing out of this display but I guess it is because our guests do not know our secret.

Here is what your family needs to do to find all the shells you want.

1. Load your car with masks and snorkels and kids with swimming suits already on.
2. Upon leaving the Resorts of Pelican Beach, turn left and drive to Navarre.(about 25 minutes).
3. Upon entering Navarre, turn left and go across the causeway bridge into Navarre Beach.
4. Upon reaching the new Navarre beach pier, turn right and head toward Pensacola on the highway.
5. Go a mile or so until you reach the end of all the high rises and beach homes.
6. We park near the red brick 2 story beach home on the left side(never completed construction)
7. Walk about 800 yds to the beach and then begin shell search wearing mask and snorkel in 2 foot to 6 foot of water.
8. Be sure you have several bags to load up all the shells you find.

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